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Stengthening Civil Society Fund 2011

Last updated: 07/10/2011 // Information about objectives, specifications and application procedures for the Strenghtening Civil Society Fund 2011.

The Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo hereby announces an opportunity to apply for grants from the Strengthening Civil Society Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SCS-BiH).

The applications must be in line with the objectives and specifications of this Announcement.

For applications that fall outside SCS-BiH, The Embassy refers to other Norwegian grant schemes directed towards the Western Balkans. Potential applicants are asked to familiarize themselves with these guidelines in order to determine which application regime would be correct depending on the priority area and size of the project in question.Information on the other programs/funds can be found at the web page of the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

and at the web page of the Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo at:


The overall goal of the Strengthening Civil Society Fund is to strengthen the participation and competence of civil society organisations in BiH in their role as civil watchdogs, conducting advocacy and monitoring political and public institutions’ priorities, performance and reforms, hereby contributing to social and political development in BiH.

1.1 Objectives:

The objectives of SCS are:

Objective 1

”Promoting the rights and inclusion of marginalised groups”.

Objective 2

“Strengthening the capacity and competence of civil society organisations to conduct advocacy and fulfil their role as watchdogs of public priorities, performance and reform”.

1.2 Priority areas:

• Peace and reconciliation, democratisation process

• Justice sector

• Security sector

• Education

• Marginalised groups

Funded partners should pursue gender equality in all project related activities.


2.1 Longer term capacity building:

To achieve the objectives of the Scheme the Embassy has identified a need for a longer term strategy for capacity building of civil society organisations. Capacity building should therefore be an integral component of any application for support from the Fund. The Embassy therefore expects applicants to present an outline of a longer term organisational and/or technical development plan, including financial management/internal control, anchored in the applicant organisations needs. Hence, the applicant has to outline areas where capacity building is needed and which institutions/competence centres will be used to develop this capacity. Internal capacity building can be funded as an integral part of the project application.

2.2 Synergies :

All partners funded by the SCS have a responsibility to seek synergy for example through project partnerships with other relevant Norwegian funded initiatives. Collaboration and/or co-ordination should be sought with Norwegian embassies / EU programmes and instruments / other international donors / actors in the relevant fields.

2.3 Gender:

The SCS aims at contributing to gender equity in the Western Balkans, both through mainstreaming of gender issues and gender specific programmes and projects. Funded partners should pursue gender equality in all project related activities. This aim is expected to be realised through active recruitment strategies and gender perspectives, both in the administration and implementation of projects.

2.4 Minority representation:

The SCS aims at contributing to enhance minority participation. Funded partners should pursue minority inclusion in all programme related activities. This aim is expected to be realised through active recruitment strategies, both in the administration and implementation of the project, and formation of partnerships.

2.5 Sustainability:

All proposed projects need to present strategies for ensuring sustainability in a longer term perspective. Sustainability and exit plans for support from the Fund shall be developed.


Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with permanent residency in Bosnia and Hercegovina are eligible to apply. The organisation may be national, regional or international. Regional and international organisations may apply under the same conditions as national organisations, but will have to legitimise their added value to attaining the aim and objectives of SCS in relation to national organisations.

Organisations consisting of representatives of the target group, as well as organisations working on behalf of the target group are eligible to apply for support. Organisations working on behalf of the target group will have to elaborate on the inclusion and participation of the target group in the proposed project(s).


4.1 Applications

Applications must be submitted to the Embassy within 28. October 2011. Objectives, activities, work plan and budget requirements should be clearly stated.

The Norwegian MFA application form S51 must be used

It is a requirement that the development and execution of joint projects between two or several NGOs are conducted in a participatory manner.

An applicant may submit more than one application. However, the applicant should rank the proposals after priority.

Applications must be sent electronically by email to:

4.2 Allocation criteria

Main criteria:

• Projects that help Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet EU/NATO requirements that are necessary for further European integration will be given priority.

• Projects that promote regional cooperation will be given priority.

• Projects that promote the inclusion of ethnic minorities and other minority groups, women and children/young people will given priority.

Performance and sustainability:

• The project’s targets must be results-oriented and realistic.

• There must be a clearly specified time-frame for Norwegian assistance to the project, with a view to ensuring self-sustainability after Norwegian/international assistance comes to an end.

• The project should be based on a sound understanding and analysis gender issues.

• The project should be in aligned with the main priorities of the recipient country.

Budget and financing:

• Priority will be given to projects that are able to generate local or national involvement or funding. Applicants should consider how the project fits with other actors’ activities in the same field, and projects that have the potential to create synergies will be given priority.

• Projects where the applicant can provide an independent contribution will be given priority.

• If most of the project activities are to be carried out by one or more local partners, the applicant must document the role he or she can play in the project and the added value he or she can bring to it.

• Projects whose overheads exceed 5% of the total budget will only receive support in exceptional cases, and applicants will be required to explain why this is necessary.

• Applicant is encouraged to apply for support to funds to build capacity of its own organisation. In order to apply for such capacity building funds, applicant will have to receive offers from three different providers offering relevant capacity building services. Applicant will have to justify the selection of provider.

• Applicant may apply for funds to mainstream gender equality in the project implementation.

• Applicants may apply for multiannual projects.

• Applications should be for at least 125,000 BAM (NOK 500,000) per year and projects for more than 250,000 BAM (1.000.000 NOK) will be given priority.

Further information:

For all questions related to the SCS, contact the Embassy at: