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Save The Children traži konsultanta za razvoj metodologije

Terms of Reference for Consultant

for development of the local action research methodology

on scale and causes of education drop-out with a focus on vulnerable boys and girls


Project Name:  BRIGHT4ALL – Basic RIGHT to Education for ALL Children in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Project location: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Una-Sana Canton, Tuzla Canton – FBiH, Prijedor and Bijeljina – RS and District Brcko BiH

Duration of the task: 20 working days in period 20th May – 20th November 2017

Cooperating/implementing partners: CSOs Youth Centre "Vermont" Brčko; Association "Žene sa Une" Bihać

Donator: The project is funded by the European Union  – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights


All children and adolescents in B-H have the right to quality and accessible education. Current educational system in B-H is highly politicized and characterized by discrimination and decline of quality in education. Educational policy emerges from a fragmented and complex system that operates under specific mandates, and most importantly under restricted powers. There are 14 ministries that deal with education in B-H. Governance structures are organized in a way that at the state level, education is under responsibility of Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA), which acts as a coordinating body, but with no enforcement authority. RS policy is centralised, while in FB-H, it rests at the cantonal level. The education department of Brčko District is yet another independent agency.

With support of Save the Children, recently there have been some improvements in addressing education issues by the relevant authorities within their respective territories of competence and there is a notable interest by some of them to undertake significant reform processes to improve quality of education, aiming at universal school enrolment. Despite of the efforts, there are still children who are either left out of the education system or drop-out at an early age, without completing even the basic, compulsory education.  Some of the problems that the education in B-H faces, which have been the considered for the development of BRIGHT4All and will be addressed with the intervention, include high level of school drop-out, especially among vulnerable groups, raising costs for formal and informal education, lack of reliable and disaggregated data on school drop-out and weak advocacy capacity of CSOs to engage in promotion of the basic right to education for all children.

The partners in the project implementation are civil society organizations: Youth Centre 'Vermont' Brčko and  Association 'Žene sa Une' Bihać.

The first activities will be focused on development of the a participatory action research methodology to identify present situation related to the early school drop-out and/or children's exclusion form education systems, as well as practices related to children's retornement into education systems, at five chosen locations, which have high number of children who early drop-out from the school.


As part of the BRIGHT4ALL project, Save the Children seeks Consultant (applying as an individual or applying on behalf of a company or organisation, hereinafter “Consultant”) with relevant experience in the field of action research. The purpose of the task is to develop methodology for the action research that will be conducted in five communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Una-Sana Canton, Tuzla Canton – FBiH, Prijedor and Bijeljina – RS and District Brcko BiH) on the topic of scale and causes of education drop-out with a focus on vulnerable boys and girls.

This methodology will include both quantitative and qualitative data collection and will include identification of positive examples of school completion and documentation of individual real life stories of children who succeeded to complete education despite of the odds, identifying crucial retention factors that helped them.

The action research need to identify dropout causes, in order to determine scope of dropout phenomena in targeted areas as well as to identified and recognized positive factors supporting resilience of boys and girls who continue their schooling in spite of all misfortune throuhgout preparation of positive case studies. The research results will serve to partners and other organizations and civil society actors as basis for advocacy activities aimed at improvement in local communities included in the research.

Group of 20 researchers will be trained, and on the base of developed methodology, realize participatory action research and collect information on present situation of drop-out in targeted areas.

After finalisation of the research, consultant(s) will perform analysis based on data collected and prepare comprehensive final report. The finalization of the research report will be conditional of conduction of public debates with the stakeholders in each of the locations covered by the research, including local/cantonal/entity/national authorities, education and pedagogical institutes, social welfare, police and health representatives, CSOs, school councils and key stakeholders.


The Consultant is expected to complete the following activities, in consultation with Save the Children:

  • Develop action research methodology adapted for the research topic, beneficiaries and geographical area where the research will be conducted, in English and B/H/S. The document has to contain (but it is not limited to) proposed methodology(ies), justification of the selected research sample at research locations (in line with above mentioned project locations) and set of research tools.
  • Preparation, submission and presentation of the final report about developed methodology in English language, including accompanying documents (questionnaires, list of questions for the interview, etc.).
  • Presentation of the developed methodology and tools to the researchers during the joint training session that will be organized by Save the Children.
  • Preparation, submission and presentation of the final report about research results, based on the research results and inputs from research coordinator and processed information from research. (Research will include qualitative and quantitative data and consultant will be in charge for development of the positive case studies identified by this research – real life stories, which can influence positively, in order to determine limiting factors for the most vulnerable groups of children.)


The Consultant will submit a technical and financial proposal including work methodology and detailed work plan. The Consultant is expected to propose his/her own methodology and specific work plan for implementation of the task. An agreed comprehensive activity calendar will guide the process. The Consultant will lead on the process of methodology development and any other agreed activities within the scope of the task. The Consultant will work with Save the Children staff in Sarajevo.


In order to perform all scheduled tasks, the Consultant will be hired for the period May 15th – November 20th 2017 (20 working days)

The Consultant will develop and implement work plan in consultation and support of relevant Save the Children staff.


Consultant should possess the following expertise and skills as a minimum:

  • Minimum University degree in the field of social or humanistic sciences (M.A. in relevant field is an advantage);
  • Minimum of five years of experience in conducting social research in local communities;
  • Experience of working with marginalized groups of population;
  • Full understanding of the concept of action research;
  • Strong experience in work with programs for statistical data processing (sAS, SPSS, STATA, Access, Excel);
  • Fluency in English and BHS languages;
  • Strong analytical and creativity skills;
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to communicate detailed concepts clearly and concisely, both in writing and verbally.


The Consultant must indicate the prices he/she is offering to Save the Children as part of the engagement, including the currency, in the “Bidding Response” document as well as “SC-PR-10 - Request for Quotation” if applying on behalf of a company or organization. It is necessary to provide a narrative clarification of each budget activity demonstrating how they relate to the proposed methodology and work plan. The budget headings and specific budget lines must be listed in the proposed budget.

Note* Consultant or company/organization will not be engaged in filed work.


Interested consultants or companies/organisations should develop and submit the bidding proposal (accompanied with relevant annexes) in English language to respond to above mentioned specific tasks. The bidding proposal should include:

Package for company/organisation (complete if applying on behalf of a company or organisation):

1. Bidder Response document;

2. CVs of each team member (maximum 3 pages) emphasizing relevant experience;

3. SC-PR-10 - Request for Quotation;

Package for individual consultants (complete if applying as an individual):

1. Bidder Response document - individuals;

2. CVs format - individuals (maximum 3 pages) emphasizing relevant experience.

Download full ToR and apllication forms here.

Interested candidates should send their applications to info.nwbalkans@savethechildren.org no later than Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contract - Part-Time

Closing date: Tuesday 9 May 2017

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

Info: http://bit.ly/2oOIsIp